2018 Colour Trends Revealed

2018 Colour Trends Revealed


2018 Colour Trends Revealed

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Whether you are planning your next interior design project or just simply interested in keeping up with the latest trends in the wonderful world of interiors, knowing about the trends before they hit mainstream media is a great way to stay one step ahead.

2017 has certainly been an interesting year where colours are concerned featuring an array of warm neutrals, tropical greens, and soft camel coloured accents; the year ahead is set to get edgy, to say the least. In this post, we share with you the colours that everyone will be talking about and infusing into their homes for the year ahead.

Minimalistic Neutrals

Minted Greens and Dusky Pinks will be working their way into the interiors of 2018 with a new palette that is considered to be quite minimalistic. Modern and simplistic contemporary designs will feature highly in 2018 with a backdrop of mindful living, giving people a place where they can relax, unwind and re-energise.

2018 Colour Trends Revealed


Black is Back

It’s sleek, it’s sultry, and it’s coming back. All-black rooms can compliment almost any colour palette or theme, and in 2018, black is said to be thought of in the same way that we think about neutrals right now. Black lighting fixtures, black flooring, and more. It’s all about the drama for 2018, and this will be a key colour for interior design projects for the year ahead.

2018 Colour Trends Revealed

The Big Pink: Blush Pink Interior Inspiration

Pink and Powerful

Some of you are going to love this, others not so much. But however you feel about the colour pink, it is set to make a significant impact on the colour trends of 2018. With pink now being a more gender-friendly colour, at not one solely associated will females, it is being welcomed, and some might even say ‘hailed’ as one of the most mood-invoking colours you can have in your home.

Calming Blues

Consider this trend as your sanctuary setter. There are more and more themes popping up that are centred around creating a technology-free haven in your home that has a backdrop of calming and serene blues. It is calming, it is casual, and it is coastal.

2018 Colour Trends Revealed


Vivacious Greens and Yellows

Although we interior designer might have steered clients away from using such vibrant and alarming colours, the trendsetters have spoken! Vibrant yellows and greens are all set for stardom as their delightfully playful tones are set to return with a vengeance next year. These are the kinds of colours that make you stand still and smile and stop taking everything so seriously.


Neutral Metallics

It appears that the dramatic nature of metallics is softening and they are set to form part of the ‘new neutrals’ that are going to emerge as leaders in the colour trends for 2018. Whether you choose to furnish your home with metallic accessories or even inset your ceiling space with gold paper, the powers that be are citing that metallic as neutrals will play an important part of the colour trends for next year.

2018 Colour Trends Revealed


Techy Green

You either love this colour or despise it; it’s a little like Marmite in this respect. This playful, contemporary ‘silicon-valley’ inspired choice. This is set to be paired with watery blues, warming yellows and vibrant purples.

These are just seven on the ‘ones to watch’ list for the year ahead. We can’t wait to start working these into our London residential interior design projects!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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