9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

Whatever the size of your home, there is always a need for more space.  It doesn’t matter if you have a city-centre apartment or a large country house, maximising your living space makes your home feel spacious and inviting.

9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

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Colour is Key

One of the biggest mistakes to make is to use dark colours, they can actually give the impression of space being much smaller than is truly is.  Instead, opt for natural and light colourings throughout.  Not only will this help your home to feel fresh, but it will also add the appearance of light in any room or space.

We would generally suggest using beiges, light blues, and white in order to maximise one’s living space.  It is important to stick to a soft colour palette. Of course, this isn’t just about the colourings of the walls; carpets and rugs with similar tones will also further enhance the feeling of increased space too.

9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

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Storage Essentials

Not everyone enjoys living with clutter, and when you want to make the most out of your living space, being savvy about using storage can make a real difference.  Using the space under the stairs for storage is just one way you can maximise your living space.  There is also the option to purchase items such as a footstool or ottoman that has in-built storage to keep items out of sight but close to hand as well.

9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

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Not everyone has the luxury of having tall ceilings in their home.  However, you can actually make your room seem much larger than it is, by adding the impression of height.  You can elevate the space in a room simply by drawing the attention upwards with a tall free-standing light or stand-out paintings.

9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

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Using a mirror and positioning it properly can add the illusion of brightness and make your home feel much bigger.  This works great in smaller spaces, and also adds space, character, and texture to other rooms as well. By placing a mirror opposite a window, the light gets reflected and is sent bouncing throughout the room.  The larger the mirror, the more space it can create.

9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

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Of course, in some cases, this won’t apply.  However, you can use room dividers or even glass walls to separate rooms without blocking them out completely with a space-sapping wall.  There are so many, good-looking room dividers available nowadays to choose from.

Shelving Solutions

Although bookcases and individual shelving are often used to store books, photographs, and ornaments; it’s not always easy to buy the exact size you need for your space.  This can lead to empty, unused gaps in your home.  This is space that could be better utilised.  Using bespoke, mounted shelving is a great way to get something that fits your space perfectly, it draws the eyes upwards too.  This also creates the illusion of a taller room as we mentioned in an earlier point. These can work great in almost any room in the house.

Sliding Doors

Do you sometimes feel that your doors get in the way?  You can get a little more space in your rooms by replacing standard doors within the house for sliding doors.  They also make a great option for dividing a room as well.

9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space


It might sound strangely obvious, but clutter just has a way of creeping into a room.   By having a good clear out, and storing anything that isn’t used or doesn’t match the current décor, you can make a real difference.  Another point to note here is about clutter on a window ledge, and I’m sure everyone can say, at one time or another, there have been items stored or displayed on window ledges. This can block the natural light from coming through, and is something which does not help you to maximise your living space.  Where there is light, you need to let as much of it in as possible.

9 Ways to Maximise Your Living Space

Source: https://sustainablekitchens.co.uk/projects/shaker-kitchen-in-london/

Breakfast Bar

If you are trying to maximise your living space, replacing that bulky dining room table with a breakfast bar could be an ideal solution.  Not everyone actually requires a table in their kitchen and a breakfast bar takes up far less space. You could even just add some length to your kitchen island to create your new breakfast bar and reclaim back some of your kitchen floor space.

The above points are pretty easy to implement and don’t always need to cost the earth.  If you are a residential customer, looking for expert advice or a consultation regarding your interior décor, Hampstead Design Hub are luxury interior designers in London who offer a range of unique and bright spacious design concepts.

If you are considering a flat renovation in London, or you need help with any residential design in London, we can help you to perfect your living space and can do as little or as much as you require.

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