9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom

9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom

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For most people, the bathroom is one of the smaller spaces with your home and often get’s very little attention or focus when you think about Interior Design. However, it a space that is continuously used by occupants and guests, a place where you go first thing and last thing of the day, and a place that serves to both refresh and relax you.  For these reasons alone, we feel it should get just a little bit more attention and TLC.

In this post, we give you nine practical and easy ways you can successfully accessorize your bathroom for the enjoyment and pleasure of all who use this facility! The great news is, it is also probably the simplest and least expensive room in your home that you can update.

Smart Bathroom Storage

The last thing you want in your place of calm and zen is clutter. Storage is, therefore, an essential element. Try a bathroom ladder. This comes with a height advantage meaning you can store more, without it looking clutter, it can add a layered element to the heights of the furnishings in your bathroom which is more pleasing to the eye. These are offered in an array of colours, with either shelves or basket so they can suit a range of tastes as well. Another important point to mention is that there are plenty of DIY inspirations online for these, so if you want to reduce the cost of accessorizing your bathroom, this makes for a great project piece!

9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom


Room Scents

It might sound obvious but having carefully chosen scents for your bathroom is so important. You can opt for a refreshing sea breeze scent set or a tranquil and calming lavender option. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with this, however, depending on the size of your bathroom, it’s important to use a number of places at differing heights to present your scent. Having a scent spray on hand can also help guests alleviate any potentially awkward situations.

9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom



A mirror is not just a practical item in the bathroom. It can be used to open up the space, to make the room feel bigger than what it actually is, and it also adds light to your haven. With so many options available, with different frames, sizes and shapes, choosing the right mirror is crucial. Please don’t hide your mirror away, make it a focal point in the room and don’t be afraid to be adventurous with this either.

9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom


Bathroom Mats

A bathroom mat or set should not only compliment the colour scheme you have chosen for your bathroom, it should look and feel luxe. Whatever your style or scheme, choose something that your feet will thank you for when stepping in and out of the shower or bath. There is no great feeling that stepping out with wet feet onto something that feels super-soft. Don’t scrimp on thin mats, go big, your feet deserve this.

9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom


Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is not there just for convenience, of course how it looks is important too. However, the reason this is such an important accessory for your shower-side is because EVERYONE who does not have one of these WILL store excess products on the floor of the cubicle or on the side of the bath. It doesn’t give that zen-like, clean feeling and it doesn’t look tidy. We all need certain items such as shower cremes and sponges to be close to hand, get yourself a shower caddy and keep things in order with ease.

9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom



A question often asked about towels in the bathroom is whether or not to have dedicated ‘show’ towels that don’t get used at all or to keep general everyday towels close at hand and on display. The choice is entirely yours, and that is something that is personal to you. However, convenience is always king so this is important to consider. Having towels that match your colour scheme is important, if not coloured towels, then fresh white towels are a great option too as they can help to add a clean, light, naturally airy feel to the room.

Shower Curtain

If you opt for a shower curtain instead of a screen the first and most important aspect of this is that you keep your shower curtain fresh and clean. If you are working with a small space, then having a lighter coloured curtain is best. If you have patterns on the wall, then a plain curtain is generally best.

9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom


Toilet Roll Holder

Probably one of the least luxe items on the list but an important one none the less. The choices are; fixed to the wall, freestanding or both! Depending on your colour scheme and other fixtures, you can choose whether to have chrome, wooden or white. There are coloured options generally available,pp and this is entirely your choice. However with this, it is best to keep it simple, after all, your toilet rolls are not a focal point that you particularly need to draw attention to. That said, there are some pretty fancy options available that also double up as a magazine holder and a towel rack nowadays. If either of these are important, it is definitely worth shopping around!

Vanity Set

Most bathrooms will need a vanity set of some kind to hold soaps, toothbrushes and such. Having a vanity set that compliments your existing colour scheme is a great way to bring your otherwise single-tone sink area to life. If you have colour on the walls, it is best to go with something that matches this scheme or stick to plain white. If your walls are white, then use your vanity set as a way to add a splash of colour to your space.

9 Ways to Successfully Accessorise Your Bathroom


Ok, so these items aren’t necessarily glamorous items that you relish the thought of buying, but if done correctly, choosing the right items that compliment each other and your bathroom décor can really help you to create that spa-like oasis in your very own home, at a very low-cost.

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