We also provide a special service online – interior design concepts and packages wherever you are and no matter what budget you have. This design experience is more of a do-it-yourself decor solution that gives you more detailed and realistic design outlook of your space which was bespoke and professionally created, so it makes your whole renovation process a lot easier. You can also choose to implement this concept at your own pace. It’s a great alternative to the usual way of hiring an interior designer with full range of services, as whole e-design process is done remotely via email.

How it works:

Room design
You purchase the room(s) you need help with, fill in the questionnaire and provide us with your room sizes, photos and budget. We will create a custom detailed design plan which includes the following:

  • INSPIRATION BOARD: The starting point for any design, mood boards display the vision for how the room will look and feel. A combination of carefully selected images portrays colour, texture and atmosphere.
  • PRODUCT BOARD: As we know, one of the hardest things in designing your space is visualising how individual pieces will look together in a room. A product board allows you to see how all of the pieces in this scheme will work as a whole.
  • FLOOR PLAN: The floor plan with precise details, drawn to scale, to help you see exactly where each piece of the product board should be placed.
  • SHOPPING LIST: At last, you will receive a detailed purchasing list tailored to your budget. Clickable links will guide you straight from the purchasing list to the website, where you can get a desirable item. Simple!
Pricing: £250 (per room)




Master Bedroom – Guest Bedroom –
Children Bedroom – Nursery – Study /
Home Office
£375 (per room)




Living Room – Dining Room
£490 (per room)




The process is easy, so let’s begin the design journey!



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