Stage 1: Initial Meeting (Consultation)

We will meet with you on site for the first consultation, which is free of charge. This consultation allows us to understand your project needs, budget and timescales. This is also your time to ask questions and get to understand our interior design processes.


Stage 2: Concept & Design

Once we have agreed on what you want, we will draw up an “Agreement” which outlines the scope of the entire interior design project requested. This can include several services, such as:

  • space planning
  • colour scheme
  • lighting
  • furniture, fixtures & finishes specification and sourcing
  • window dressing
  • bespoke joinery
  • bathroom & kitchen design
  • accessories and styling
  • 3D images of how your space will look like



Stage 3: Plans & Specifications

At this stage we start on detailed drawings and layouts. This process could involve more site visits in order to take further measurements and more detailed specifications. We present you with mood boards and layouts until you are satisfied with the design. You may choose to take the design concepts, floor plans, specifications and any other paperwork and decide to implement them on your own, or you can get us to complete this portion of the project for you.


Stage 4: Sourcing

We will coordinate all purchases, getting the best deal from suppliers on your behalf. When all purchase orders are completed and the budget and timescales agreed, the purchasing process can start.  This can be organised by us or by you directly.


Stage 5: Installation

Sometimes this is the most crucial part of the service. A designer will be present on site during this process to ensure coordination and correct implementation. We will make sure that the process goes smoothly and all items are in place properly. When all the jobs are completed, there will be a final consultation between the designer and you on the newly completed space to ensure satisfaction.

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