Six Huge Interior Design Trends for 2018

Six Huge Interior Design Trends for 2018

Six Huge Interior Design Trends for 2018

Only two months into the year and already we are seeing huge shifts in the interior design trends for the year ahead. On one our earlier blog posts we posted recently, we explored the different colour trends for 2018. This post is a little bit different as we detail what is trending in interior design already along with the expected interior design trends for the remainder of the year.

Before we get to the crux of this post, just to recap; the top colour trends for 2018 are listed below:

  • Black
  • Minimalistic Neutrals
  • Pink
  • Techy Green
  • Calming Blues
  • Vibrant Greens and Yellows
  • Neutral Metallics

Now, let’s get stuck into the six most popular trends that are set to take the UK interior design market by storm this year.


Straight from the Team of talented Designers at, the use of velvet and leather within homes this year is set to explode. Specifically, we are going to see a huge increase in the use of leather within the bedrooms such as quilted furniture and headboards. While velvet is going to be the premium fabric of choice for soft furnishings throughout the home.

Zen-like Bathrooms with Spa Appeal

If you’re a spa lover, then you will be delighted with this news. Bathrooms which have spa appearance and feel are set to enter the homes this year. Oozing style, appeal, and sensuality having your own spa at home could be something of a necessity if you want to keep up with the Jones’ this year. Creating that special place at home where you can completely switch off an unwind after your day in your spa-bath in an essential trend for the year ahead.

Statement Doors

Don’t worry; this doesn’t refer to the interior doors in your home, they are safe for now! However, statement doors are already becoming a hugely popular trend this year. You can forget about statement walls; they are out. From brightly coloured doors through to doors that are surrounded by stunning trees, the outdoor appeal of your home is very much at the forefront of the interior design trends for the year ahead. Both gates and front doors have the innate ability to make a huge statement about your property. Especially the application of bright colours on front doors is making bold statements already.

Ceilings that make a Statement

The statement ceiling is back in a big way this year. Whether you choose to paint your ceiling with bold colours, wallpaper it or perhaps harness plastic designs or gypsum to give you something a little bit special; making the ceiling a focal point of your room is one of our top six trends in interior design this year. The best applications we have seen for this trend online seems to be where the walls in a room are kept at the same colour throughout, helping to then highlight the sublime detailing of the statement ceiling. No colour is too bold; no texture is too great; anything goes. Well, almost!

Dark Woods are Back

However, did they really ever go anywhere? No, dark woods have always been a staple interior design feature. However, this year, they are set to increase in popularity. They can help to give you a really rich and classic feel to your interior and add both contrast and depth. Dark Wood is set to be the most popular wood-finish this year.

Wacky Wall Art

We have saved the best for last! Wonderful, wacky wall arts are typically not in trend. The important element of this trend, however, is the arrangement of your wall art this year. You can choose to display anything that appeals, whether that be photo’s, prints, drawings, landscapes, it really doesn’t matter. This year, you can cover the walls in different frames, of alternative sizes and quite literally cover your wall of choice for an eclectic cultured vibe.

These are just a few of the trends we have seen in the interior design world that really stand out to us as significant for the year ahead. Others which have also sparked interest include:

  • Patterned Plants
  • Terrazzo Flooring
  • Mixed Metals and New Metallics
  • Bold and Bright Colours
  • Earthy/Neutral Palettes
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