What Makes Your House A Home?

What Makes Your House A Home?

What Makes Your House A Home?

In this post, we look at the role of accessories and decorative objects in design and see just how effective they can be at making your house into a home.


What purpose do they serve, and just how important is it to accessorise your home?

What is the Purpose of Accessories in the Home

Accessories in the home serve a number of different purposes.

  • They complete a desired look and can also serve to complement a look as well.
  • They add a personal touch, representing the personality of the homeowner or occupants.
  • They can be used functionally as well as decoratively.

What makes home accessorising so intriguing is that they can take on a range of forms, shapes, colours, and styles.  You can choose to go with antique, ultra-modern or somewhere in-between.  Some people have even gone as far as blending the opposite ends of the scale, creating something intriguing and unique.  Accessories can be things you have picked up throughout your life, on holiday or things which have been bought specifically to suit a theme or colour scheme. They also take the form of rugs, cushions, throws, and other soft furnishings.  Many people will choose a specific theme for their room or home, and then buy accessories that will compliment and accentuate that theme.   One of the greatest benefits of accessories for the home is the interchangeability of them.

Accessories for the Home to Suit All Budgets

Whether you are planning a complete renovation or refurbishment project in London, or you are just looking for furniture accessories to give your home a bright, spacious design; there are a number of different ways you can approach accessorising your home.

One of the many benefits of home accessories is that they come in a range of forms, some can even be handmade, and there is always options to suit almost any budget.  A great interior designer in London will know how to manage costs in order to effectively according and make your house into a home.  While one client may be very specific with the display items they require, there could be others who are happy for their interior designer to select a range of pillows, chairs, lamps, ornaments, prints, and rugs that go along with a specific theme or colour scheme.

Six of the Best Home Accessory Choices

What Makes Your House A Home?

Source: http://gravityhome.tumblr.com/post/155320610300/home-styling-follow-gravity-home-blog

Wall Art

Hanging art on the walls can give a relatively plain wall a look and feel of sophistication, elegance, culture, and more.  They come in a range of different designs, themes and in numerous materials such as metals, fabrics, jute, brass, and wood.

What Makes Your House A Home?

Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/401594491756464730/


Whether you choose a more traditional style of lantern, a modern or simplistic design or perhaps an ethnic option. Lanterns are a stylish accessory that can be used in or out of the home.

What Makes Your House A Home?

Source: http://vintageindustrialstyle.com/perfect-floor-lamps-industrial-living-room/8/


Lamps can be as minimalistic or as extravagant as you need them to be.  They also serve a purpose as well as being a decorative feature of a room or space.  Lamps also conveniently come in a vast range of styles, sizes, and shapes to suit all tastes and budgets.

What Makes Your House A Home?

Source: http://splendidsass.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/consoles-and-tables.html

Photo Frames

An accessory for your home that never goes out of style.  Whether you choose to fill these with family portraits and pictures or perhaps get a little more adventurous with the contents using your creative flair, you have a great range of styles, colours, and sizes to suit any situation, theme or room.

What Makes Your House A Home?

Source: http://www.nh-design.co.uk/2011/02/pussywillows-cat-tails-soft-winds-and-roses/

Floral Arrangements

Take your pick from any particular colour scheme, and there is a range of pretty floral pieces to suit.  Dress these up or down as you please, make them as big or as small as the space demands.  These often come pre-made however there is always the option to make up a unique arrangement for your specific scheme and space.

What Makes Your House A Home?

Source: https://www.uniquehomestays.com/self-catering/uk/cornwall/trelion/the-stack/#photo-11


A firm favourite with London Interior designers and residential design projects in London.  Mirrors add light, brightness, and space to a room.  You can get bespoke mirrors for your home, you can choose from a range of designs and sizes to suit your individual requirements.

As a luxury interior designer in London, we know all too well how important the role accessories play, in completing the overall look and feel of an interior design project.  These crucial finishing touches add texture and colour to a room, they can also really bring forward the individuality of a client as well.  A room without accessories is akin to buying a car without tyres – it just doesn’t work.

If you are based in London and are looking for advice from an interior design company, Hampstead Design Hub can provide consultation services to help you create your concept, perfect your look, and help you to use accessories effectively in order to make your house a home.

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